Special Sale for Good Cause


Cash truck for sale

American Truck Group, LLC has a special price on this 1997 Freightliner Columbia. It was one of our loyal customers, that has recently found out he has cancer and not much time to live. He shared his story with us, he explained why he wanted to stop driving and enjoy the little time he has left.

When the owner heard the situation at hand, he decided we will sell his truck for him and give him the proceeds to help pay for his treatment. This truck is being priced at $13,349. If you are interested, please call Charlie at 855-567-7642. Or email us here.


Thanks for all support and help, this truck has been sold and the customer has received the funds needed for treatment.

Detroit 12.7, 470 HP, 10 Over, 70″ Condo, 2 Beds, 3.55 ratio
A full list of inventory may be viewed online at www.americantruckgroup.com.

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